Die Casting

We are leading manufacture of Aluminium and Zamak die cast components. We offer as cast components as well as CNC machined and finished product. Our die casting shop include machines from rewoned manufacturers like Toyo. As a high-pressure aluminium die cast manufacturer we utilize modern working techniques, innovative & open forward-thinking practices that allow us to shape our future through the continuous enhancement of process development.. Each plant utilizes state-of-the-art energy efficient furnaces and employs both casting and secondary finishing capability to provide optimal product capability and performance . We strive to manufacture zero defect castings and delivery On-time to our customers. We are held to very strict quality standards through certification of ISO9001:2000. we are Committed in providing the highest standards to some of the most demanding customers, we are orientated entirely on delivering quality products with minimum lead times.

Being supplier to automotive industry our product range includes transmission housings/bearing housings , Gear shifter forks, Filter housings, Structural parts, Axel limiters, Transmission parts, intercooler parts, sunroof components, Brake drums, wheel hubs etc

Somik undoubtly will produce Cost-effective high volume production runs, Consistent quality over high volumes, Tight tolerances achieved as cast along with Minimal draft angles on internal features , Long tool life & complex net shapes

It is our mission to achieve the highest possible level of customer satisfaction through continuous improvement of our quality, on-time delivery and productivity.

We are dedicated to provide our customers with aluminium and zinc die casting of the highest quality. Our die casting machines incorporate the latest technology to bring you products that are constructed to the highest standards. Our highly skilled workforce is constantly striving to stay ahead of the competition through continuous investment in the latest techniques and machinery.

Machine size :- 80 T ~ 400T

Aluminium Casting Range :- 10 grams ~ 2.50 Kg

Zamak Casting range :- 10 Grams ~ 1.5 Kg


CNC / Conventional Machining

We machine your castings and send them ready for assembly or installation. CNC machining is carried in CNC cell which have machines from Makino and Mazak. We machine Aluminium and Zamak die castings and also produces components from bar stock. Our CNC machining section also includes parts turned or milled in any material including machining of Brass bar stock, brass forgings, alloy steel forgings, Ci and SG Iron castings. Aluminium die casting is a in-house operation and brass/Alloy steel forgings, CI/SG Iron castings are sourced from our vendors and machined in our machine shop. We have in house machining operations for drilling ~ tapping ~ broaching ~ CNC milling ~boring~ CNC turning ~ Spline hobbing ~ etc

Ordering machined castings saves time, labour, manufacturing space, and cost.. Castings that are already machined streamline sourcing activities, shorten total lead time and reduce handling costs.

Somik has been on forefront of meeting customer requirements of quality, price , & time.


Tool Room

Unlike most of our competitors Somik employs a dedicated tool making facility. This gives us the added advantage of being able to respond quickly to client modifications and production issues. Our Well equipped tool room is key to our success and our ability to provide defect free, cost-effective casting products on time, every time. All of our moulds and fixtures are built and maintained by our in-house tool room which also performs repairs & modifications due to engineering change. All tooling is produced using state of the art CNC machining (Makino)and turning centers (Mazak).

We can take your casting design from prototype samples to production tooling in a time frame to meet your needs. Somik takes pride in our Quality, Engineering, Manufacturing and Service that keeps us well ahead of our competition.

The quality of the end product in die casting is heavily dependent of the quality of the die. Somik employs expert processes and advanced technology for precise die production, to assure optimal aluminium die casting results. When each die is designed and constructed, factors such as die steel, heat treat of the steel, DME standards for die build, and process specific requirements are engineered so that the die can provide consistent, repeatable castings over the long term.

Our facilities include CNC machining centres, spark erosion, high speed milling, lathes, surface grinder etc and full 3D modelling. We have the capability to provide design assistance specific to prototype tooling, which is then supported by production tooling and periodic maintenance schedules. This guarantees the integrity of the tooling for the life of a project, resulting in orders that meet customer's budgets and delivery dates.


Mould & Fixture Design & CNC fixtures

We use concurrent engineering and get involved at the design phase to assure a very good PPM and cost benefit to the customer for the life of the program. There is nothing more satisfying than witnessing a component being realised as a production ready item. Our dedicated design teams work in close proximity to both the client's design engineers, our manufacturing facilities and optimal manufacturing techniques can be incorporated from the start. This ensures we avoid any costly time consuming modifications during production. We have the experience across a range of disciplines to quickly grasp the requirements of a component. Planning ahead, providing alternative options for future production methods based on client predicted forecasts or finishing requirements. The key to any successful casting project launch is proper casting design. If proper casting design criteria are ignored, the possibility of cost and manufacturing problems exists. Casting price can be minimized from the start. We prides ourself in its up front value engineering...where it is most cost effective.

All mold and fixture design is performed in-house. For our customer's convenience, and to avoid translation errors, we are able to electronically accept and utilize most customer-generated CAD part designs.

All CNC fixturing is designed and made in our in house tool room, ensuring the most competitive fixture costs, and guaranteeing on time delivery.

All CNC fixturing is designed, manufactured and maintained in our in house tool room, this ensure the most competitive fixture costs and on time delivery.



We have in house operation for Deburring, Fatling, Buffing, Trimming, & polishing.


Sub- Assembly

We are Committed in providing the components and sub-assemblies in highest standards to some of the most demanding customers, we are orientated entirely on delivering quality products with minimum lead times. We can supply Casting assembly service and it saves our customer's cost, time, labor,inventory cost, and manufacturing space . Purchasing complete casting assemblies provides one stop sourcing for your aluminium die castings or CNC machined components. With complete machining and assembly service we offers a complete value-added services for your product as well as for your sourcing requirements.


Value -Added process

Recognizing the customer's increased demand for value-added services to save on their time and cost, Somik has numerous sub-contracting vendors to meet our customer's demands of value added operations like spray paint, powder coating, all kind of platings, anodising & polishing. From assembly of sub-components to a variety of finished requirements (including polish, paint, and plating), we have the knowledge and experience to deliver the value-added products to meet our customers requirements.

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